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FIRE-ICE: @lilpeepkin17 when I see you coming over to my secret snack stash
ThePsyChoCorn: Movie?
The Lever Gaston: What’s this movie called?
brandon: me when I get left alone at my house for a night
12334456: Me and @nijiggles do this sometimes to a friend
Issac Flores: What movie😭😭😭
MARK 101: @king_kamy29
Camdapro09\highlight: The casino when I rob it
Salt Shaker G 🧂(JP): @gamemasterm
????: @joey_j615
Betsy Boo: yes ninja just yells😂😂😂😂
Colton Hernesman: When a minor shows to your party.🤬
Joe Moore: and he always finds a way in
Travis Glendale: I just kick him with the party open 🤷‍♂️and yes I've done this to friends whose friends I didnt like never came in the party again 🤣
Dabossking25: Soul plane 😌😂
evanfolliard: Hahaha it funny cuz I'm that guy