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I See Beautiful

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Shay : Where did she get her signature “bye” from? I think it’s so cuteeee
Fatima_Medina: Does being death affect talking btw love your videos
yana12345a: first
♡bbg♡: Can she only say bye?
Follow for follow ! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: If I draw a pic of your profile picture then will you notice me 🥺💞💞
I really want 1k sfs: Early haw was ur day?
Emilie: Hiiiiiii
Koko❤️: Oh my goodness so early can you please notice me🥺❤️
Penny Produ: I seen you guys on my fyp so I had to follow 😁❤️
Hehe I’m evie🥵🥵🥵: EARLY A RESPONSE?🥰
✨Addison Schlimmer✨: Please notice me I love u guys sm ❤️
💎Crazy💎: are you both def? just asking love you guys so much
-:: I heard that you don’t reply?
🐮☁️Peytan🖤: @a.r.y.e.l I thought this was ur dad for a second
Gianna🎈🧸: if I made a fanpage would they notice?
Slime slime: Hi early I will die my hair if you replay and you get to pick and can you make a video of you saying it and what coler you want me to die it
Avocados_🦋🌸🐚.2028: Early How are u guys doing today!
u found me😳: can you reply ? it would make my day ! 🤍