Life is meaningless without dreams. Come on! Fight for yourself!✊#cool #xsports #healthyliving #emotional #motivation


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selestearlene: Are the people in this comment secetion okay ?💀
APPLESAUCE🐟🌵🍀: OH NO.. imagine dropping so hard your feet just RIPS off 🤕😞
Miss Peapod: Did somebody... Did somebody break his heart? 💔
DomIsOfficial: And kept his hands in the pockets 😤
Jaeden: How im tryna be- but without the string🤙
Cassidy baybeee 💕🥵: I wanna do that just no cable ❤️
Christian Siracuse: didnt even hesitate he was ready to go
Angelscruggs : I would actually do this
user6031717015678: He’s to calm but it’s kinda hot ngl 😍
🥀 Trishanna 🥀: @alexis2clapped ur doing this with me when we older
𓅓: i’ll do it but you don’t have to put me on a rope❤️
Nailah 🇬🇭: He was too calm for my liking
theshamim7: my dream..
emilya💞: @itsthatnat I wanna do this but without the the cord
Ahm 🤩: Homie wearing a mask too LMAO respect 😭👌
Marj: i have fear of heights and it's my dream to overcome this fear. I already tried once the zipline and i want this to try too.
Simping for chris🥵😏: I will do that but I will use my neck🥴
Shawn Mendes fan#1🦋: I literally wanna do that but without the rope 😂
Edward So: Bruh I thought this was gonna be something else for a second