Tabitha Brown


Sunday dinner is served🙌🏿❤️ What did you guys have for Sunday Dinner today? #tabithabrown #vegan #foodie

original sound - iamtabithabrown

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Kate: If you made a cookbook, I would 100% buy it.
AntiHappy: Girl I had 2 microwaved corn dogs for dinner 😭😂
Damion Gross: Oooo lord have mercy ☺️
Precious: Can you be my Siri for my phone ...” turn right baby or not...cause that’s your business “
Sonny Hurrell: Omg this looks so hearty!! I drooled over those oyster mushrooms....
Christa Keith: Yesss!!! So so god!
Reema Saab🦋: Yamnayle she’s so cute @marwasaleh03
Carrie Underwood: I love you! ❤️💕😘 Fried oyster mushrooms recipe plz auntie
Perys Acount Manager: i had seven frozen blueberries for sunday dinner🤩delish
Georgina 💞: @localfridge don’t u have this jumper I really want it where can I buy it
I$ABELLE RO$E: @emmie..d @mollyaedwards what a cutie
Wish: Happy Sunday! That looks amazing 😋😋
Ellaaa: I was crying then I saw this video and I cheered u
Aly Woods: I wish my tastebuds liked this kind of food
flea: I feel so comforted just by hearing her voice
Jackie Rodriguez: it's getting warmer here I love when it's nice and 😎
presidentevil: You bring so much joy every time you appear :)
that1otaku: damn it was already pretty good from the start
Jinx ya dingus: I would just put some chicken in that cuz personally it wouldn’t feel right