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Shrink wrapping the chicken. Part 4 #hobbyfarm #poultryprocessing #michigan

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Shawn LaMattina: Or just buy a vacuum sealer lol
Yourmother: This has got to be one of the dumbest things I have seen. NEVER put your uncooked chicken in hot water then freeze! #CANCER IN A BAG!
Brianna Owen: People who are bashing her are most likely the people who say washing their chicken in water before cooking it cleans it from bacteria 🀣
John Gallimore: Lol not going to lie love the idea keep it up the hell with the haters!!!!!
Smooth: Love how everyone in the comments are expert on sealing chickens
makoshark: omg I thought you were gonna use the straw , lol salmonella 😩😡😜
Brittany: How long them other chickens been sitting outside?
Mimi: Who has so many chickens to freeze? Lol. I buy a whole chicken when I need it. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
Logan Kerschbaum: No ones gonna talk about her not taking her hair out of her mouth?
Stupidfarthead: I’m sorry most of these people are clowns in your comments
Misty : So the straw works thank you for the help hint. I do about 500 at a time plus turkeys and pigs let them hate me but I feed people processing farm
Sergio Melchor: Forbidden Chicken Juice
Wendy Moore: Wow I'm very impressed with this method! Great job
Heidi Reinke: what kind of tube did you use? we tried this process recently and couldn't get our water up to temp, but we didn't even think using a tube to help!
Melissaw: This is how we did it and they were great. We shared them with family and were told it was the best chicken they have ever tasted
Derek Jenkins: Look at all those chickens.
Melanie Carlin: Cool! Learn something new every day
Sophie: I have a problem I got attached to my chickens and I need to get rid of them when winter comes but I don’t want to :(
Deeeee: Wow thanks for sharing this is awesome πŸ‘πŸΌ