the only good use of this filter #fyp #nostalgia

original sound - itsryanfitz

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bite za crusto!: WHAT SHOW IS THAT
•{ o f f l i n e }• ❤️: @_jhxpe_ this scared meeee 😭🥺😂
blue glasses guy: Aw hell😭 I was a afraid of this show when I was little. I’d freak out when he sniffed close to the screen
deanna_karrin: 😳 you just unearthed some DEEP childhood memories
⭐️RIVER⭐️: Wow that was hidden in the smallest crevice of my mind
daisy: @foreverkpoptrash he looks kinda like vernon fron seventeen
grass: do you remember by bear in the big blue house lift the flap book 🥺 @carbonatedgatorade
(ᵔᴥᵔ)☆彡: this was my favorite show. 😭😭
Camryn: This won it for me. Fav show.
bradget: Bear in the big blue house terrifies me for some reason. I kinda remember watching it but just vaguely enough for it to be a fever dream
Guy: hey this was really fun 🎵😭
Chandy: Bro you brought me back to childhood
upsie daisy 💅🙈😘🤩: look at my new post!!!! (18+)
user8053360717823: omg I just remembered I loved this show😊💙💙💙
_xgracepollardx_: My childhood memories just rises from the grave
Jack Gwood: this man is a Genius!
nikk: i love this 🥺
violet: this made me feel warm and fuzzy and nostalgia filled🌟
Sloan Hanberry: B IN THE B B HOUSE