Comment the year you were born!!! #notmixedbtw #brainfree2e #TravelMemories #CheckMeOutChallenge

We Are Young Remix

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real life erwin: 2003 and lower, every other year can’t relate 🥱
GhostGamer117: 2005 😁
Umm- idek: 2008
foxsam2001: 2001
Nikko Wand: 2004🙏🏽❤️
Tré: I was born in 2000!
Michael NYC 🗽: 2005 gang where y’all at ???
Cracked Ice: 2007. used to be my favourite dance
destroyer1a: 2006 gang where you at🤔😌
Xtecee: he means 2004 and under 😂 yall 5,6,7’s BYE😳
Marcus: 06 gang were you at
JønāthanOOF: 18Bc gang where you at?
Mikey da goat 999🖤: Felt that 03 gang wya? 👑💪🏼
rogan: 2006 where y’all at
I’m bored: Are y’all really fighting over what year we was born in the only people who can relate to this is 2000-2007 because when this was made other people
Duchyyy👅❤️: Y’all talking about “2007 gang wya” LMAOOAOAOAO
Amahd 🎸: 2003, there’s a lot of vine energy in this post
Romeo Jean: 2008 gang where y'all at ?????????