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Dad found out that we can become a #LittleBitFancy with Hillshire Snacking #ad

I See Beautiful

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Hector: POV: you opened the app but didn’t skip the ad, instead you waited so you could pause it, then checked the comments
Jace Randolph: Pov: You just opened the app
Go: I am no longer part of the white race
4pf.: POV: you opened the app, saw this ad, and now scrolling thru the comments
Brando: I RAN to the comments
Jt: So yea I wasted money and got no suit...😤
And I oop : POV: you missed the skip button so you just went to the comments
Nick Collins: POV. You just opened tiktok and instead of skipping the ad, you just looked in the comments
braydan: if i see this ad one more time..
T-Jack: Soooo, expensive Lunchables?
just selena NOT selena gomez🙄: the caucacity 👁👄👁
Riley : These r so good just saying
Brie Lancaster: Whyte people 🙄
Wish: Oh you fancy huh 😋😋
{5.6k }: sorry, imma stick w my pizza and nacho lunchables
Aesthetics: What in the caucacity 👁👄👁 is this
•✨💫angeline💫✨•: me watching this like: 👁👄👁 "expensive lunchables"