Rodney Lee


When it’s my turn to whip up something fancy. Hillshire Snacking never fails me #LittleBitFancy #Ad

I See Beautiful

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Jearrod Fountain: The way that food was flying 💀
-MY BLACKNESS MATTER: roses are red violets are blue I went to the comments and so did you.
Phillip: Oop was that a transition 👀😱 lol. But c’mon Level 3 chef 🙌🏽
🥵♾💚: Always gotta see who’s goin first 😭
Shearalph: Hey guys can I get a shout out second
Drea Knowsbest : This is too cute!!!
Alam Canelo: Its basically lunchables but for adults.....
James Johnston: Just gonna leave the mess?
viennaskye: SO CUTE
124 gram crackers🥰😘🥺😌: Early and that’s a cheap as plate Rodney lol
Ini: One of my fav ads
user4572420552801: I love this
ilovecats: why are y'all looking at the comments in a ad
Naicaallday: Omg I’m early for once, but I’m not gonna lie that look good😂
Natalja Pink: Omg all I noticed was the guys nails lol longer than the girls 😆 why do some men grow their nails out like that ?
PhillyTF: Wonder if this will get more likes than the video 🤔 💭
Clo💗💗: There is also Roman noodles 😍
Jaylyn 👑: Love this bro
CAILE BENJAMMIN: I bought mine on amazon. Copy and paste