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DA HACKER: Mario cart vibes
Ok lol: Bro what effect is this
Hollow Hollis: Inception could never
Eve: Did this make anyone else feel nauseous?
Hybrid Calisthenics: Where is your giant head? I keep looking for it but can't find it :(
Amalia Phillips: this is making me feel like I'm in inception..
father: this is something i’ve seen in my dreams
badjohney: im a little scared..when two planets collide
Ziad.aye.ace: It looks like your going downhill
sueco the child: holy sh1t
Zed: looks like saturn planet in interstellar
Kenn Nugget: All right that’s it. This is absolutely insane! Best to use a green screen ever
VerifiedOffComments: ROAD🦧TO🥶VERIFICATION🙏
DMs don’t work <3: @amy_edneyx I think I’m going to throw up
ᗩᗞᗩᗰ🥏🎭🚀👁️⃤: This gave me a headache just watching it
Mr Sadman: NO! That’s what it’s like to drive in my dreams and I hate it
kingshayan8915: mario cart in real life😳
Michael Johns: @wittytitty shrooms
Chantelle Morrell: I think I'd crash if someone put that one while I'm.driving 🤣
ur nan: wow i thought i was falling even tho im watchinh