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Maybe It’s Maybelline

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Camila Cabello✨: free makeup👁👄👁
User: Her maybe it’s maybelline rising 👁💧👄👁
☀️ good vibes ☀️: why can I see mads being such a great singer?
Editssss ✨: Mads is the best 👑🥺❤️
jaden Hossler😍🥰: Who’s watching in 3017?
mami 🤩😤: so this is straight tiktok ✨😍 time to refresh
mᎥᏁ suᎶᎪ: Am I the only girls that doesn't use makeup..... Yes.... Ok
Averita: tests on animals it belongs in the trash
Amber Leigh Lawrence: Maybelline stinks. 🤣
karla chalamet: @liyahleilani19 MaYbE iTs MaYbElLiNe 😅🚿
Megan Miles: Perfect!!
Jade: Are we going to talk about that wall in the background, or...
racosta10: omg i should have done a video i forgot i was at cvs yesterday and I only got Maybelline products nxt time 😒🙄🤦‍♀️
hotbarbiesumma: when i liked the video hearts and kisses came up- NO FR IM NOT LYING/
user2439805456946:’s not maybelline bc everybody who does this ad looks crazy👀
gogoo: I use that setting spray for a long time and then I bought nyx and realized what I was missing out.
Michelle-4-life: If you can’t donate, please share ❤️❤️
Gamer and a gymnast: i just realized u from chiken girls
panta: Maybe it Photoshop 
Fran Chaparro: The spray was so aggressive