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Maybe it’s maybelline! @maybelline #maybeitsmaybelline #ad

Maybe It’s Maybelline

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Jason Derulo: How is this so smooth😘
🐲mother of Doggons: those curls. Im so jealous. mine just frizz and end up in a bun ugh!!!
ELIYZAAAA: smooth transition 😍
porsharenaehall: Sis that transition was REAL TOO SMOOTH 🤯😍
Hello: Pov: you were on the app when this add popped
terrinoel: I have so many shades of that lipstick! The BEST!
liv x: @eviehelene she’s the most beautiful girl iv ever seen omg
🤩❤️snazzy chazzie 🤩❤️: can we talk about that transtion
Momma dee: Is this your natural curl? If so what products do you use? My granddaughters hair is curly and I can’t find good products, that doesn’t dry out hair.
teddygautier: This one of the smoothest transitions I have ever seen, no 🧢
fernando gonzales: I can't tell if she is white or black
Maddie: My sister and you have the same foundation that is why my sisters face is so smooth
✌️😁✌️: Girl you tried to hard
{E*V*E*L*Y*N}: Best transition I have ever seen 💗
jamie: Omg you are just naturally gorgeous😭 This lip combo is everything!! What did you use?
Jaden is bae💖❤️💕🥰: Remeber the dude who thought he wasn’t faster than beetle juice she could be the fastest at makeup
BIGDOG: can someone please Venmo me pls it would make my day
crybaby: maybe shes birn with it nah fam its the makeup i-
keylee ✨: MaYbE sHe’S bOrN wItH It MaYbE iT’s MaYbElInE
Shea Poole: No way you really use maybelline for real tho?!