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daddy issues

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user7791839092887: @nelldoesntlikeithere @alicecardosoo
Erin👾: woah how is fred floating
leahhhh: I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s life was changed by this movie
olivia greenwood : fred and judy is what i think about constantly☺️🙃
:,)🖤: this movie literally scared me as a kid for no reason
aubs: those movies were a fever dream
bree🧟‍♂️🤥🥩: @therealpostmalone773
Mac: Great now I wanna watch that movie and it’s 2am
Ruby: @eve.hunt 😌😌
zoey: wait is that u being slammed by John Cena
.: @albinolilhuddy
Jandy G.: I always think of the Fred movies 😂. I don’t know why @wuv_ana
erica: yes
sara: i want @lucascruikshank to react to this BAHAHAHA
karla: @crocodillysadventuree
ur annoying, shut up: @stephxavila fred
gra$$: @darylannn
Tay;)): @calenslaughter2 you at the pool😭😭
ibuprofen god: @babyincels
veda : @gallonofcanolaoil