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Can’t a weeb just read in peace?😭2020 has been rough😪#anime #aot #weeb #attackontitan #leviackerman

If yo then yk

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Zbag: That's a bruh moment
user6992248119980: I see that jujutsu kaisen 😁
zakku69: Just let him read with u
Sebastian Salazar: You think the anime jujutsu kaisen will be any good
Sully: Low key tho AOT s4 (plus some other anime) has been the only thing getting me through this year I can’t wait for it to come out
SadlyWeebish: Don’t give 2020 any ideas
Gas: I would call help From Levi 🤣
Games today: Me: Who knows what November may hold. God: hey angels, is it possible to bring back the dinosaurs?
eva: @aesthqt1 hahhhh
Anto: Lol so good I can watch this for ever
✨Celina✨: Next on 2020: July 😭
Joey Jamal Smith: WE NEED YOU @mmamyers !!!!!
GhostRespawn: If 2020 could get any worse than yes FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DROP A TITAN IN THE MIX 😂🤣😂🤣
Sofia : @pocky84
🔱 Greek Godess 🔱: @sreejith_sreeju96 thalayoli
_jd_16_: I have a question I have Netflix and I've already watched all the good anime on it where can I go to watch good anime instead
Ved Van: I wish that would just become real XD
Z: I love this 😭🤣
🌷.Kasey.🌷: so ready for the new season! #fyp