i need to know why john travolta was the mom in hairspray

daddy issues

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unrestrained lass: Bc the og role is played by the drag queen divine but it is true that they should’ve hired an actual drag queen rather than uh. Him lmao
AXEL!!: i wanna get this off my head
Lindy: because he was perfect for the role next question
maddie: i was crying when i saw this and it just made me cry even harder i’m so scared of him
i'm an adult : the mom in the original movie was a drag queen named divine ! so i think they wanted to honor that tradition
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нαʏωɛʏ🤮: @@kaitlynn.strain @nicholle.jada don’t question my movie
sofia: the mom was played by a trans woman in the 70s or 80s one and i know there was a drag tradition on broadway so it’s prob that
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nowaymie: @savageguns66 wuuuuut jsuis shook🥴
😳: @catparke another reason he scares me
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