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Pov: you live on Paradis Island #AOT #attackontitan #greenscreensky #xyzbca #drafts

Attack On Titan Main Theme (From "Attack On Titan")

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🦋YourName🦋: Truss in all anime side character always have to die😂😂
Human: dang humans predicting what we'll send out next month >:(
Kiri: gets crushed by rock
g.ge__: Oh hell no to the jump twist Titan
Roberto Pedraza Cast: If you’re hair doesn’t go over your eyes..... you are not the main character!
Jblack: This anime had so much potential
Ghxst: Bro this show gives me anxiety watching it when my favorite character is a side character
Alexis Dixon: Aww hell no
Anime4Life._: Flying rocks?
J’s W1RLD: Lol this got my follow instantly
Nishinoya😖❤️: DON'T GIVE 2020 ANY IDEAS
🐼 Panda 🐼: @i_am_nishinoya
Cortney Ynacay: How did you do that
Cheyenne: NOOOO
benjaminbar06: Me going to McDonald’s
maxbornart: nice one
folksloveak: 😨😨
Andre: Quick question is there are there new seasons?
Roblox_lover1333: @bendy_fan1273 @maddieplayzzz XDDD