Italia Gonzalez


his name is peeve , this is my pet peeve

original sound - ohthatsitalia

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Rio: Please consider getting a different type of wheel or simply not having one in there, just let them roam in a safe area.
Lesviiin: Wait what’s its name doe 😌
Lana: That is WAY TOO SMALL for a hedgehog
hayden: 10/10 name
🧸: ...Barely any space in there :/
pandapurp: do you like bacon crispy or slightly chewy
Tran Clan: Is that a gerbil
alexia kiamar 🔪🖤⛓: OMG IM COMING OVER TO PET IT
Michelle: I really recommend a heat lamp with no light! It helps them no go into hibernation, which can be deadly. Not to be rude just giving some advice!❤️
proud of you❤️: Sonic the hedgehog 😌
Nala Peral: He needs a wayyyyy bigger cage Hedgehogs can be very active and he needs hides. I know you care but ya just need to do some research 😄
Twinyvette: Wait what??When did this happen???
✨lemon✨: Where did you get this bootiful creature?! I’ve been trying to find a hedgehog for so long 😫
Macey Campobello: Bro I looked into one and they’re soooo much work. They’re prone to cancers and all this stuff. 😭
Camileon 🦎: I recommend getting a bigger cage and ordering a Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel on Etsy. If you want to be cheap with cages buy a storage bin.
Ingrid: @elisa_oehlenschlaeger we need this.
Itsslime1109: I have my hedgehog and you should consider getting a bigger cage
Joy J. 💛: @morgan.moon14 hey can you do me a favor and show this to Mary 😅