i juat predicted your #soulmate youre welcome!! #lmao #lovebirds #date #edaheeran #fyp

Once in a Lifetime

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aubrey: why do i never hear about him anymore
Margo: Bruh why did I flinch when he came on screen
ava smith : @addie.etlicher I SCREAMED HAHA
ella: @isthatjungkook @alexmoore.1
Georgia🙂: @taranugentttt
Kaylaaaaa: Not going to lie Ed Sheeran could get it just because of his voice
the real cammy b: @georgiaaaa______ IM DYING BET U DIDNT EXPECT THAT
Mais: passing this to u🙈💖@lilaisnotveryswag
alice xxx: @thecolorfuscia i don’t want him take him back
Julie: @gcussen04
Spencerreidsgf: At least I’ll be rich
Jay: @user173718281
liam for president😹: @kaitlinbennettspoo why is he actually so scary
🦎: @haley.dunham for you ❤️
macikate: @_maddyforbes @marleigh.blush @_.claudiaford good luck😿
maddee: @ruhamafekaduu @layla__chalamet i really thought it’d be harry or niall
Miranda🙈: I actually have him blocked on Spotify ❤️
the madalyn harder: @summoneyy bred sheeran
🥳🤩🥳🤩: @katiecalderon_
Margaret Jewell: @amber_scotland