We didn’t think she was pregnant 🤭 #dog #goldenretriever #puppies #puppy

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Deleted862: Can I have one 😭
Pfp= 😺: @phayntum_ @cxtie_bbg THE PUPPIES 🥺🥺🥺
Jayden who: @madi.skyyy dog or cat?
Jayne Doe: omg @richlikemeov I thought that was Dax in the beginning .so cute🥰
fazeXjacks: Sooooooo cute
Nivleen🦋: @niharikas01 i want
nanaka: @namiporman AWWWWWWW
Deborah Houk: @juliette_coolkid awwwww so cute
Crazy Emmy: @follow.4.follow.pooh
Helen Amaya: Are you selling them ?
jennifer: Omg so cute but so much to handle lol
i z z y ✨: why do i need them in my life or my life has no meaning
596 angels ☺️: 🥺🥺the puppy at the end it gave you his paw
DJSAUZE: How the heck do U test a dog?
💖🏝🌸🌻✨🦄🦋: Dogs are so cute we had a puppy but he died today
user1002717596606: oh soooooooo cute and love the music lol isabellasadventures
dharmaekta: GIVE ME ALL OF THEM ❤️❤️😭
Valerie Tormes: Oooohhh I think I want to adopt one I would name it like star if girl
Unicorn Lover: Aww so cute I have 1 just like it