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this trend is s’cute 🥺😩 @ajimenez2 #foru

Coldplay - Paradise

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wild child: am I the only one who's gonna die single?[embarrassed]
Jazmin🤎: someone be my alberto rn plz
Nana lupercio: 👁👄👁 me patiently waiting to find my soulmate..
vannesa🐉: I thought the guy friend was gonna answer when she asked who’s Alberto “el que te dejo el culo abierto” 😭😭💀
Sabrina 🦕: there are so many couples in tiktok 😑
Utkarsh Bhuwalka: I just need hugs.
Jui Bhosale: awwwhh🥺🥺❤
user246989635038: Aww girl how tall are you?
Violet Ibarra: @karenttj2441 dude this challenge is so cute!
ogadrii: yall are so cute 🥺 i love this videos 😍
Maribel Vasquez: @jay.niicole mbn
Shaley Rivera: So are you guys dating?🤔😂
Rachael;): @brendaa.1027
aaaudry_: So your saying shoot your shot to see where things go or ?
Teresa Caruso: Precious 💖💖
tjfade: @fw._.brooke5 no comment
ᴀɴᴀᴀ❀: @n.3.lly
Jennifer: @odalys.ava @mayraangeless odalys let’s do this
marlene 🦋💍: @laylacoyomanii these videos are so cute 🥺🥺
mo : aaaahh i love this