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My recipe for Sicilian Cannoli 💚🤍❤️ #italian #cannoli #pastry #eat

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The Pasta Queen: I got the cannoli shells from the local Italian market, they are hand rolled and fried. Full Recipe on my website soon
Chef Matt Broussard: This looks sooo good
Samuel Alberto Santos Garcia: where can I buy cheesecloth?
Sususobh: How do u make the shell? Yumm
Frannyyyy: My sister lives in Sicily, visited her loads and always look forward to Canolli!! We will DEFS try this! Where to buy canolli shells tho? 🤔💞
J L: Why did your split up from your brother? These videos are not fun anymore ☹️☹️
Hajar Larbah: I had the best cannolis in Florence and ive been dreaming about them forever 😍
Shasa Forne Porter: Can you make a classic Roman carbonara if you haven’t before
Erika_pvn: OMG that’s exactly what you see when you enter heaven !🤩 Cannolis work just like a therapist: they can solve most of your problems in a few seconds
toth.agnes: What is the recipe of the pastry?
Sergio Legrets: How do I make the shells ?
Dani🤪💘: yessss I asked for u to make theseeeee!😂🥰
Frazzle: Can you make a classic Roman carbonara if you haven’t before
anisa: Yo should open a YouTube Chanel
karanshah: CEO of ‘Ingredients’
Daniele Polsinelli: you shouldnt show our secrets bella 🤣
freakwarrior888: i wanna live with u guys for like a week or something to experience this good looking food
user8616992438835: Do you have recipe for the shell
Tik Toker: Have you ever done a video on tiramisu?
Carlos: Your truly a blessing 🤩😭💯 cannolis are a gift from god😂🙌🏼