And the creepiest effect award goes to.... #tiktokeffects #effects #creepy #bangenergy #haha #fypg #sky #comedy

original sound - ambermar31

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David Lifschitz: It's the BABY SUN IN TELETUBBIES EFFECT!!!!
Melissa: Haha awesome!
✌️😙: Are you from Jessie?
𝙤𝙣 𝙖 𝙗𝙤𝙖𝙩 🤍: people who dont have this emoji 🤡̵̛͔͍̱͙̥͔̯͖̥͙̲͆ͬ̊̑̔
Nutter Butter: I just made one with the effect haha
Kourosh Davoudi: Creeper, awww man
I’m a idiot sandwich - trump: It’s god 💀💀💀
lonely person: Don’t give 2020 ideas
Yahira 🌸🧚🏻‍♂️: people who dont have this emoji 🤡̵̛͔͍̱͙̥͔̯͖̥͙̲͆ͬ̊̑̔
Lil3p67: Karen found a effect nice
robloxisgoodx: What effect is it?
🧸🥺śūñśėt🥺🧸: @:people who dont have this emoji 🤡̵̛͔͍̱͙̥͔̯͖̥͙̲͆ͬ̊̑̔ I didn’t copy and paste
Matt09aa: Attack on Titan vibes
Zanity: am I the only one thinking of putting the mind flayer up there, no just me??
Antonio!🥚🍳: OK so we’re not gonna talk about the boy with the Orange shirt in the background.
Landonfd36: I thought you were already using it
1K OMG TYSMMMMM: What is it called
Jenn Gallo: haha woah