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Coldplay - Paradise

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Aparajita Bhaskar: Why does the name Dante gives me wattpad vibes?
Jordan Ray: This is my favorite trend
cash $ kay !: i’m in love w these
Lilly: Wish I got this dante
Estefani: Omg I love this trend 🥺🥺😭 even if it makes me feel hella single 🥺
angel👼🏻🤍: if only this was a trend i could do
Lily Silver: I LOVE
Ginaxo: @hanaabeqiri @toskaxlol god damnnnn
Valerie Antezanna: you win idc you win
Summer maclean: @valenciawright
alivia: @brooklynnnbe @zoelmao_ next time i see one these imma cry
🦋💕💫: Okay but here me out NLE Choppa + Jordan Baker = your man 🙂
elliegrace15.x: @tiaxcowell Diego and you ;)
Ebru: @maide144
emily🌷✨: @temi.xvuerah Im still waiting for one
sebjoergensen: NLE Choppa who?
laury: @phayona_jos i love this trend
preslee🤓: @k.petersen MY DREAM HOLYYYYY