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Rags2Riches (feat. ATR Son Son)

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Dxddy.🥰: My dad got murderd in Las Vegas 😞🥺
Comdeyoseiofficial: At the end of the Day a Father not being there has a huge impact
Kyle Mcane: You make it seem like your the only one that deals with this problem
Charles Roberson: it's cool when you are a daughter. but a male needs a father figure. s/I to momdads tho..
Megansfanpage: Like other people don’t have there dads in their life the point of this ??
J Darnell: Thats impossible
Jesus krist: my dad left us
Alissa Boyer: As a single mother struggling rn... Thank you for posting this 🥺❤️
user4138334134237: l love my father so u talking about u
🤡andrews minions😻: @soleilstiktok
Ali the Aladator: Is this y u haven’t posted anything about black lives matter?
user1965275273325: I grew up without my dad and I’m fine😌✌️
djsjsjcjns: Wish I had a mum and dad
user746100533821: my mom raised me also but a woman can't play both roles stop thr nonsense she can only do what she can to raise you.. don't be a feminist please
noelescamilla3: He went get the milk so he was right for that
Ummm chile: Bruh my parents are boomer and my dad is lowkey abusive I wish they would divorce but my mom "doesn't believe in divorce" bruhh
Chopped cheese: PEROXIDE
✌🏾: My dad was supposed to come today :/ I’ve never seen him, he never came😔
Lvcid repeat: My dad was in Prison for my hole life he is getting out soon I hope
*chokes in Spanish*: @qt___trinity shoutout to your mom :)