that pretty mf man


uhh giraffe 🦒 neck on ry #fyp

Rags2Riches (feat. ATR Son Son)

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Julieeee: omg i think i broke my leg😲😲😲
dazzy🚀🛸: Heyy bebe🌚🌝
Ki 🌤: Im sick baby 🥺 take me in
airy: if i was sick or hurtin and you walked in to help me. i’d
Bella Gil: Now that’s what I’m talkings about 🥰
🦋: @princessfamous I’m actually starting to feel kinda sick😷
user7188812941552: Some people don’t realize that this is our normal, were used to it 💰
Miah Broderick: What’s your job?
nisha: what do you do? like what's your job?
joshh: hey mamas
genesis🦋: exactly I get up 6am, 10am to get my bag and get off late. at least I’m getting a check
Angel Lasette: u 16 i’m 16 i’m sick u can help 🙈 um i’m single u can change that ❤️❤️yeah ❤️
prisha: @oliviaaaa.massimi i’m in life threatening condition helppppp😨😦🤒🤕
Juice: i got scared for a second I thought this man was actually a doctor but he’s 16
Anjuli Mack: When all the thirsty comments realise he’s 16 😂
hope b: i would run over myself w a car just to see him @sarahblack87
kyng_andr3w: Where do you work?
Hodan: Hold up your sixteen. Anyways I’m very sick and I need a special care
Vereena: So ur not 16 ? 😂
Sumaya Hussein: @habibahmo @fiatheestallion i think I broke my leg😩