Rod Wave


True story!!! tag me in your best #rags2riches story and I’ll repost the best ones

Rags2Riches (feat. ATR Son Son)

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_jon4x: “ went to school all 12 years just to get a job sellin donuts “🔥🔥
Jay⛈: Went from nun to sum big 🤘🏽💰 keep makin heat 💯
Jake2r, Ph.D.: This what I love to see 🙌🏼 don’t stop chasing your dreams 💯💪🏼
King staccz: I need you in my album
Exotic_Astro: your music is straight fire plz reply big fan
Dalton: First rodwave your music is fire 🔥 please notice me
Fahad Salim: I’m going be the next rod wave soon 🙏
superstar chris ⭐️: people who think rod wave is a 🐐 >
Angiebabybee 😝: Y’all saying he went to school for 12 yrs just to get a job sellin donuts look at him now he making big moves while y’all here watching TikToks 😂
# DYM_Merkone #: bro ur not the real rod wave 😂😂😂
mary jane : does he respond ‼️‼️‼️🧐
🤦‍♂️: if that’s in florida then yes i met him
Jacob: does wave reply?
user317104: I swear almost all if his songs are on my playlist
Sir Goat ✪: You said it wasn’t you😂😂😂
justice4vanessa✊🏼: When me and my bf first heard your first songs , we told each other “ he going to blow up, just watch” and look at you now ! 🥰 we love you,
Nolan Adams: Went to school all 12 years just to get a job sellin donuts👀🔥
Gfg Fgfg: Bro big glow up good job rod and your music str8 🔥 good job i cant stop watching this because its just surprising you did that 🔥 keep up the work
Hemi June: im bout to hit the gym ... you a real motivator