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jorgegallegos8306: POV ur scrolling thru the comments and decided to like this on
hello♊: McDonald's
PepPer Plg: loot lake
Panda bear: Its moraine lake, I live in Calgary and have been to it many times its amazing 🤩
CEO of THANOS bag: Gatorade river
Kaelen Schmitt: Flights backyard when the cameras aren’t on
Sauce_Orca: uncle rons basement 😎
Trevor: “Mountain due”
ethenklem: Canada band
@AlexisHernandez: where in the world is this? just beautiful ❤️❤️🌎 congrats that you are able to tavel
୨୧ bubyuna ୨୧: That’s obviously the Starbucks across the street 💀
💘: @le.ilaanii
Wisdom is Bliss: how can I give wrong answers if I dont know the right answer
Jennifer Towers: welcome to my koi pond. I need to add more fish but I'm almost done!
cannontaylor97: The mountain theme park that everyone goes and know about 😂 outdoors is the theme park now!
TenLugPrincess: ohh!! I know this one!! Wixom lake, MI!!
user5776853231328: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe it’s the produce section at Walmart?
Don’t ask why I’m here: It’s just A green screen guys just a movie
Infinity: Moraine lake, banff Alberta Canada. My wrong answer is lake Louise 😳