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What parts do you eat ? #food #garden ing #garden #plants #ggthegardengirl #funfacts #carrot #tiktokgarden #tiktokfood #cottagecore #greenthumb #foryou

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Queen143king: Yes mam Indian people eat I think India have best vegetarian food
Gg The Garden Girl: 💛💛 I just posted a recipe with this carrot 💛💛 Pls check it out ! 💛💛
courtney: My mom grew some sweet potatoes and she cooked their leaves too
K Wong: Any recipes for the carrot leaves? I fear that’s all my carrots in containers are going to produce.
The_Real_Cptn_Atlas: I mean sure but did you know you can eat anything at least once
JustCallMeGi😊: I wouldn’t know because the god damn rabbits and deers keep eating it 😡 (venting)
Robert Headley: Broccoli stem is the best part.
rossg808: I also wonder if we can do this for rhubarb...
Hello 👋: I went 15 years without knowing what a broccoli plant looked like😳
Bárbara Silva: My grandma throws everything into the soup pot "because of the vitamins" ☺️So I learned how to use and cook the all plant.
V Baker: I feel like this is a pepper pig spin-off. In the best way possible. Low key this should be a kids show. The clear and enthusiastic tone👌🏿
Josie Teatroll: broccoli stem with a lil salt and lightly steamed is so gooood
treasurenthingamabob: Yes! I did know that :)
Miux: yep, and leaves of radishes and skin of watermelons too.
redsherryberry: i cooked a big pot of broccoli leaves like greens tonight. I also took the stalk and cut it up and froze it. For soup this winter.
Dɪɴɢᴏʀᴏʀᴏ: in hungary we eat the leaves of the carrot all the time in dishes, i was so surprised when aussies didnt do it-
no soul here: my bunnies get my carrot leaves. not the broccolli though. too much calcium
oh nah yeah nice: Broccoli stem is my favourite part of the vege it's 🔥🔥🔥
🌿earth🌿: do you know a great recipe for/how to cook dandelion stems? i don’t want to waste them when i make dandelion jelly but they’re so bitter :(