After a long week of finals this trip was WELL needed !! #WA #Treehouse #airbnbcheck #fyp #foryoupage #explore

Death Bed (Instrumental)

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user8381309862671: As someone from Redmond I am deeply confused
Jaidyn Gabretti: MY FRIEND JUST WENT THERE! That’s where her Fiancé proposed!
Chip Brokem: Redmond? Might have to check it out
Caitlyn Anderson: And is it pet friendly?!?
Carissa Nielsen: What’s the name of this treehouse ? I don’t see the link that you commented ♥️
blvckkatt: I had no idea this was in redmond! I always thought it was fall city. I used to see Pete's truck in fall city and get so excited!
Lizeth Gaytan: what is this tree house named under if you don't mind sharing
A Shergill: Do you mind sharing the tree house name?!
Kaylee : @zenzington DUDE
Kati Jay: 400 dollars a night 😭😭😭
user801622034380: @lifewithchloeann we have to go here
slow_wgn: @laceynoelle97
Linda Nicole McMaste: @fetalguese95 @dslayyyy let's go
arbuckle1337: Redmond? I thought it was Fall City
Justmeriley: $400/night
Besties_4_life: I might be wrong but wasn’t this on the tree house builders show😂😂I feel like I remember it?😂
Gracie: @madisynsnyder @jadelyn_chambers0 @shaijones1295 @justicejones68 heck yes
Kaylee Bodine: I've lived in WA my whole life and never knew this existed...