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The mountain stained in blood after we defeated the dragon 🐉⚔️🥀 #TikTok travel #gameofthrones #got #fyp #foryou #dolomites #italy

Game of Thrones - Theme

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Dilip Harihar: beautiful
David Antony: woooo.....😍😍😍❄️❄️❄️
Meliza Saavedra: What about that steam like thing on the right? Are those clouds? So cool
Lily: THE GOT MUSIC >... I miss it
jithu: Where is it?
wheres_melly: How do you get such clean 16:9 on a drone? What drone do you use?
Mufasa: what mountain is this?
дурочка: is this real video??????
124sanji: U guys killed the last remaining 🐉 dragon😔😔🤓🤓
COURTNEY: How is this even real
JungShook: Ik all other people are wondering ...... HOW- WHEN - WHAT I should’ve been there TwT I love dragons
Brandon Bow: Definitely a backstory I want to know!!
Liz the Frizz: oh my goodness gracious me 🥰
Doz: I like your shots man
Abigail’s Art: Hey bro you can’t be killing off my dragons! I raise those from hatching
Nick + Angelica: How do your shots get better every time? 😫🙌🏼
CAROLINA blue: I don’t how you get to those edges!
FE7ENZY: The lonely mountain #erebor #smaug
Niky Lopez🤪: I found this account today... and just I love it! Love your videos!!! 🤩