KNEAD LOVE 🐶🦥 #fyp #kneadlove #dog #treats #sloth #cheese #carrots #different #cute #fun #diy I think they enjoy them 🤪

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Lora J 🍋💡: Your dogs adorable 😍 definitely gonna buy for my dogs
Marissa Rosato: Yo can you try themto test if they are edible for humans? They look kinda bangin!
Heather Christensen: I found something for you and got it. Can I send it to you?
eugenielaparks: When you said it smells pretty good I really wanted to eat it
user1813851051403: I love 🦥 sloths
Dani 😙✌🏻: 3 mins ago! Thx for the good random content aha x
Hannah: Aw I wanted to see them eat it😂🥺❤️
user8515607352668: lol. You lil f er! 😝
savannahbanana: DONT LOOK AT MY ACC
Da'Moijah Flowers: I sound like Scorpia from shear
April: As you said “smells really good” I jumped on amazon 😂
Beatlemaniac: My birthday is coming up and my cash app is : Angelathebeatlemaniac I have been working almost everyday of this pandemic.
wbulken: Just ordered 4 flavors!
Jessica P.: did your dog like em??
My dms dont work: You said cut the tip I was gonna say something but then I realized that I have a girlfriend
tanyasharmathegreat0: Your doggos are SO cute!!!🥰
fotiniathineos: Cute 😎
Erin Bentley: I sing “we got another package” with you every time now😂