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Self-Watering Rope Trick 🌱 #garden #trick #plants #foryou #fyp #garden ing101 #garden ing #learnfromme #alwayslearning #cool #diy #magic #hacks #tips

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Shamwaa: Not gonna work.. your string is touching the table and it’s is lowest point so you’re watering table 🤡🤡🤡🤡😩😩😩
user9949804118932: My dog would either.. spill it or drink it all. Good thing I never leave 🤓
Muskan Shetaan: I live in upper apartment and my down Neigbhor ppl don’t like me watering my plants what should I do so water won’t go down ... I need help 😩
Natalio Panzarini: Wow! As a science teacher I can appreciate the science concepts behind this. I’ll add it to my lessons. Thank you for making science fun!
Rosi Soto: So that’s why my tea leaks if (string sticking outside)
M Ellis: Wow...I'm doing this tomorrow!!! Question is it true plants like music?
Josephine: hiiiiii🖐😊
user2334530093008: Sooooo smart❤️. You are helping so many people 🙏
Leana Martoncik: cool, now if you have a cat this will be a mess 🐈😆
Manny C: No way!!!!!! You know I’m going to try it. Thanks 👍👍👏🏼👏🏼
Zishan Shaikh: so cool bro😎
: You are so creative!
Ellie Mae: Thanks!!
Almostuseful: CEO of 🤟🏽
Cowgirl Creative 🌵: Ooh! Love this 🌱
Stephen O'Mara: This works because of gravity & the capillary effect.
Deborah: Super cool
Tish Smiddy: I really am try
user4943931637650: Just love I’m going out of town this is so kool
wendywilson70: You are so cool! 😎