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Katkooti: I cut a succulent from my moms garden and put its roots just in water... it was going well, now the leaves at the bottom are turning brown and dying..
♡Brooklynn♡: Just starts to destroy innocent plant's😱😱😲
William: What if somebody cut off your head how would you feel
ido a face revel at 998follows: Why u killing those poor plants
Charlie archer: Where did you get the scissors
Brooke Hamade: Why would you do that?! 😡
Madison Ochoa Cloud: Didn’t like this video because you harmed plants
Zamiyah Dunlapduuss: [thinking][excited][proud][astonish][excited][astonish][wicked][proud]
Jaila Holt: awww poor plants
Lizzyy: Awww poor plant 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Cathy Morgan: What do you do with the part you cut off? I love succulents but they do not love me.
Kanso Designs: I love the vibe in this video! I will need to try this with my vids 🌱😀 thank you for sharing
e.jones12: ,,r
Welcome-hola-forgets languages: Why you gonna sacrafice them-checks: OH SHE TOOK ITS HAIR OFF AND SAID IT NEEDS NO FILTER-something like dat?
Julienne: Awesome!! 💛 🌱
Frenchfry: I feel like that would hurt the plants but at the same time I know it grows back