lil update ! Hopefully this will be done soon #pennyfloor #pennys


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Kat weber: You should figure out how much money that is and add it to the value of the house if you sell it 😂
Renee: This is gonna be a coffee shop in south west Florida called Penny’s ! Named after my dog :)
anything everything: in our india we don't put our feet on money coin
lilhuddy: probably cheaper than buying actual floors 👁👄👁
CaptSparrOw: respect money many people needs money very badly
Kiyomaru D'marvell: We don't feed on money... Bcoz money is or God Laxmi who gives us money
Màhi Mhatre: don't put our feet on money
abbygalesydney: imagine dropping change on the floor
Nikhil Dhoke638: if its old coin no problem but its running coin you might get in trouble for using it like this😛😂
sjhruti2001: can you try with gold coins
Clark Kent: many have already said, we don't put our feats on money. Indian Sanskar! Which makes us different from others.
Juned khan: wrong
Brianna: heads or tails?
Liz Lele: Interesting
Megs: i have a local crepe shop near me called penny path, this floor would be sick there!!
Troom troom baddie✨: What if you run out of pennies
kaiti 🪐🌸🌞🌿🌻🦋✨: how much money do y’all think this is
julia: imagine buying something there and dropping your change 😔
I FOLLOW BACK😘: 👮🏼‍♂️This is Derek Chauvin 👕 He killed George Floyd😢 👖Each like adds one year 🥾To his prison sentence💪🏿
isabelle: put resin over it so the pennies don’t turn green