DQ Secrets🤫


4 years later and she’s still in training @maddswinterburn #DQ #fyp #dq icecream #dq n


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Amanda: i gasped out loud lol
🌻🌼🍯 2.4K 🍯🌼🌻: Guys later today I’m going to make a video and I’m going to draw something cool with chalk, please reply with an idea of something to draw
user7274523521: What the hell isnt she suppose to be wearing gloves and the part of the cone she touched fell in and contaminated it.
kk_thelion: unlike McDonald they machine always broke damn
Rainbow Peppers: I bet McDonald's is wondering what this is
reyn-!: @jeni-! ksel asw
Andrea Richmond: Lmao! My aunt got fired from DQ years ago because she couldn’t make the curly q
charli 💜🤪🚁: I was working at a ice cream place for TWO years and I didn’t knew how to make one😭😭😭🤣🤣 (that’s why I was ALWAYS working at the checkout LMAOO)
Madds: It takes talent to be this good
Natalija.Milanovic: DONT JUST LET IT SIT THERE EAT IT 😞😔 rip ice cream THAT I COULDVE ATE I’m sorry I’m just rlly hungry
gianthoodies: Who’s watching in a hoodie?
Ployxx:): @_saixy
edward: damn the ending is so sad 😂
Chris Fahmy: Lmaoooooooo this was going soooo well..... then 😅
디아_Dia: Dude It was going so perfect and then that hapened..╥﹏╥
husainm.34: No one: McDonald’s:sorry our ice cream machine is broken
💕Faiza💕: Oops my heart went..😳😳
a_weaboo: finally i thought i'd never see the day that the ice cream falls J CAN DIE IN PEACE NOW
LMH: my heart just skipped 😳😳