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spamming y’all with sh*tty road trip content for the next two days sorry #pemdas

original sound - washyourpillowcases

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AvaryAnn: people who don’t like McDonald’s can’t be trusted
McKenzie Redmond: Just here to say you and @fibulaa are a match made in heaven-would love to see that happen
Isaac Elston: “We’re on a BuUuUuDgEeEeEt”
shanisalomon: inverse operations cancel things out not pemdas I’m sorry I’m a math teacher I couldn’t let it go 😞
Staceykat: Where do you go to school?
Kayy: How do you even finish a burger that fast? Is the real question 🤔
Brooke Nafziger: Road trip to visit @fibulaa ?
Ham Sandwich: Hits on so many diff levels
Garrett Winsor: I related with EVERY word
Pharo: Mc Donald’s is a mixture of human meat
Kerry Silver: The tiny onions just hit different
Andrea Fietsam: Yes but the ONIONS THO
user2801431166322: Cheeseburger pizza rolls taste EXACTLY like a McDonalds burger.. no joke.. it has been recreated
the Pastor's cat: i know im waay late to the party here but those onions are reconstituted dehydrated onions. thats all.
Maria D'Amico: Where are your glasses from?!?!
user2272277888336: I couldn’t agree more!!!
Miles Wilburn: Lmao I’m excited for this road trip content tbh!
cambrooke12: You gotta eat the McDonald’s burger upside down. It just hits different
❤️Jenny from AL: I agree. McD’s burgers have a taste of their own. And don’t apologize! Its great. Also try Wendy’s 99c menu- Jr Cheeseburger deluxe is my FAVE! 💥😉
Durazno Fresco: https://vm.tiktok.com/JRymN5B/