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Picking up my puppy from the airport ❤️ #fyp #dog #puppy #meetmypet #alaskan_malamute #viral #foryoupage

when she loved me cover by katelyn lapid

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Tik Toker: be ready for shedding season, I mean it. It’s no joke and goodluck training her on a lead 🤣 love huskies tho
Mattie Suiresitara Setu: Did you take her overseas with you or? I want to take my puppy overseas but not sure how it would go or what I need to do 😂
Harman Kaur: Where did you get your puppy from? I really want to adopt a husky
🌼 Haley 🌼: Y’all need to calm down. Not every breeder treats their puppies bad..
user659664310064: Meanwhile, in a shelter near you, lonely and discarded dogs are waiting for homes... ADOPT DON’T SHOP!!!
babycakes2808: I swear everyone has the same pet carrier from kmart 😂
shoushiroll: People need to stop getting on their moral high horse. Adopting is great and I support it, but if someone chooses not to that’s also their decision.
Tik Toker: To everyone who is thinking of getting a dog, please please please consider adopting.
josephineeee: Can I just 🥺😍 @beatrizsfazio
user5095897436839: Importing puppies is so wrong. It’s so traumatising for a puppy to go through that at such a young age and can really mess them up. It’s so selfish
sophia 👼: pls just adopt a dog from a shelter
justshon: so freaking cute 😍😍🥺🥺
Jasleen: @tylahthethot oh my goodnesss
zaya: @lachiehawksley
Bad Bee: @issyyyy3 I want one
🌙: @_urfavchar AWWW
🇦🇺: @tayxla
user5338080404337: I love the pup is it a girl or boy
animebaker 101: is it a Shiba inu and huskey mix?