Sonny Hurrell


You won’t believe what’s happening over at @thefoodrenegades!! Smashed potatoes are insane!! #potato #learnfromme #tiktokfoodie #cook

original sound - Sonny Hurrell

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Ariel Castillo: @cuteshade would these be considered french fries?
Vivian Aronson 袁倩祎: Love garlic with potatoes 😍😍😍
Sonny Hurrell: Trust me when I say you should follow @thefoodrenegades!! Also smashed potatoes are amazing!!
💛Pikachu Gang💛: @Gacha.hoodie would u try this?
Toni Richardson: I love smashed potatoes! I like to add a little cheese and chives when finished.
DW: I had to go plant rosemary just to keep up with how much I’m using this damn salt 🤣🤣❣️
MeanManMenio: Omg that looks so freaking good I’m so doing this for the girls they going to love it 😍
❤️Jenny from AL: Yummy!! Ok I need help in understanding why sometimes my “mashed potatoes” turn to GLUE? What does it? My Mom used to use a hand mixer. Mine -
Therese Haas: I love how rosemary salt has become your think lol.
christopherjklebansk: Smashed potatoes are arguable better than mashed
Tianna Harding: I’m so early wow I love ur cooking videos
Ross Anderson: As it applies to making really good food, you have to be absolutely the most informative and entertaining cook anywhere.
Anthony Antram: Jokes on you. I had already liked the video and you made me double tap so it's on light. Sorry them's the rules
Brittany Booker: Are these fingerling potatoes?!
Doug: I love it. Dude you can cook👍
Sherry: I’m married but you’re def my bf!!❤️💙😂😘
Ciali: Right on time Sonny 👏 For sure this will be on tonight’s supper... aaaand I’m out 😍
Ang Gillies: BEST EVER!!! One of my fav ways to make potatoes.
DowntonAbbeyCooks: Smashed is the way to go. I love making a salt and vinegar version.