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original sound - craftman66

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Clau Mia: lion king vibes worms
Juice boy Recks: Why does this look like shipping packages stuff
🐾Andreadeu28🐾: What are they?
avery: maggots
🍓eliana🍓: where can I buy this tool omg
chicken I: sorry can you do it again I wasn't paying attention
arushnarang04: It’s pasta why everyone so confused
lindalrichards: Wow! That’s brilliant. I do gnocchi the hard way.
Welcome!: First
getting to 10k without any vid: getting to 10k without any videos?
mother of two🥰👑👑: My cousin is a TickTock boy
Sophia De Luna: That was so satisfying 😁😁😁😁
Taylor Lucier: I need this. Another influence 😄
Amelia Lena: it looks like maggots
Cindy & Carmen: So satisfying 😍
DysonIsAmazing: they look kinda like pasta in a way
Just Short Girl🌻💚: so satisfying
Enobong Ekong: Who else thought they were maggots