Ro Dolla$$🤑


She took my nose virginity. #army #military #navy #airforce #marines #medic #injury #deployed #ouch #america #foryoupage


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Johnny C: Who here almost sneezed watching this
Riley: Combat medic here.. for y’all wondering, a nasal pharyngeal airway is used to secure an airway in combat, unconscious patients not breathing, etc
🔥: thank youh for your service❤🇱🇷ima be something like you and look up to youh as a icon or a role model
Alec Anderson: I don’t understand what the point of this is any way you can explain
Prince: What’s that supposed to do
thesamejoint: bruh she gave you nasal lmaoooo
onion: Onion
Noelle Bethany: Thank you for your service 🌹
Mrsupreme1: my brain was hurting after watching this
No One: Like my most viewed video ❤️❤️🙏🔥
Jayce🌟: Why it go so far down 🥴
Teddy: Respect what your doing for this country 🇺🇸
camdenmallow: Thank you for ur service but what is that for?
Aaron Vargas: At least he will be fine getting the coronavirus test
Lil Uzi Vert: Respect brother 🔥
FBI: The caption had me laughing like goofy
Michael S. Lewis: who has the guts to do this
Ro Dolla$$🤑: this hurt🥺
Adriano: If I wasn’t breathing correctly and I saw that about to go in my nose, I’d start breathing normally again. Its a miracle!!!
_youngchrizzy: He’s getting tested for corona😩