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part 2. Cajun style. You honk we drink. @camerysimon #fyp #graduation2020 #cajunstyle #louisiana #xyzbca #fyp age #fyp


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hermacinski: It’s nice to know where our tax dollars are going
Edward :): who’s gonna be honking in the neighborhood
taylor moore: y’all literally bring race into everything, chill.
Evan :): the fact that i already knew the comments were gonna be about privilege... y’all need just let her have fun and chill out
Alex Winnie: How in the world is this about race
jaynen_butler_44 : Nobody: This comment section: wHiTe PrIvIlEgE
your dads house: Me trynna determine if they actually got arrested or not 👁👄👁
Kylie McKay: This comment section did not pass the vibe check 😔🤚🏼
ari: why y’all hating on her
Stfuhoe: All the people saying “it’s not about race” are WHITE
Nitro Speed: Ok I mean I’m black and yeah I do see the problem with this but what’s the point of antagonizing this girl when she was just having fun
Rae: In most states minors can consume alcohol if their parent or legal guardian gives consent and is present during it. Could have been the situation here
Samantha Kay💓: So it’s white privilege because she graduated and can drink? And got handcuffs put on her? Lmao didn’t know that’s how it works
haley🌈🦋: y’all want equality but decide to use race as an argument for everything
graciddy: why do y’all need to make everything about race? lol chill.
Jordan: this is very tone deaf 😬
supremehoneyt: Lol i know black peoples watching this like yeah must be nice 😗
user639793675754: Where’s my @
🔥🔥: seriously everyone is taking this video out of context no one knows if the cops are relatives or good friends of hers😂
susmeter: But if it was a black he would get arrested