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original sound - nathanevan

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Diane Mitchell: How many treats did he cosume?
Ryan wilde: @sissybear61
Molliepop12345🌸🌿🦄: @mak_attack_1234 😂😂
thatdoodlechewie: This is epic!
Peter Mysak: What kind of doggie is this ?
Hudojni4ka: How many treats were eaten for this video 😂
Hockey: Hahahah
✰Audition✰: AUDITION FOR US!!!!!
QueenJada: Did you give him a treat or sum?
Terry Ayers: are the pearls imitation........funny schitk😂
Jesse Roy797: This is a work of art. Thank you.
Dogo8me: that poor dogo 😢
NancyNoodleHead🍕🦧: that's us haha!
Macy McKenzie: @mickeymilo1 has cute dog videos
khuluprojects: [laughwithtears]ma mom is so
EvieQuintSteinman: Sooo cute my dog would love this!!
CES: Haha well done!💙